I direct research and development of interaction technologies based on advancements in display technology, low-power and high-speed sensing, wearables, actuation, electronic textiles, and human—computer interaction. I am passionate about accelerating innovation and disruption through tools, techniques and devices that enable augmentation and empowerment of human abilities. Research interests include augmented reality, ubiquitous computing, mobile devices, 3D user interfaces, interaction techniques, interfaces for accessibility and health, medical imaging, and software/hardware prototyping.

These projects are from collaborations during my time at different research labs, including Google Research, MIT, Columbia University, University of California, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), and Microsoft Research. I have taught at Stanford University, Rhode Island School of Design and KTH.

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Alex Olwal, Ph.D.
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Google AR
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Alex Olwal

AR Language
Augmented Language has the potential to make language more universally accessible and understandable.

"Let's see what happens when we take our advances in translation and transcription, and deliver them in your line-of-sight in one of the early prototypes that we have been testing." (Sundar Pichai, CEO Google)

Our work on enabling live translation in everyday glasses was the closing feature at the Google I/O 2022 keynote.

Google I/O 2022 Keynote: AR Language Experiences (4 min) ->

Google Blog. The next frontier of computing: augmented reality ->

Google Blog. Building and testing helpful AR experiences ->

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